September 26-28, 2014


The authentic formula for attracting and retaining more patients, increasing your production, creating sustainable growth, and building a meaningful lifestyle.

Join me for 3 days in September and I will personally show you exactly how to authentically attract all the patients you need to grow your practice. Discover the marketing principles and authentic business growth strategies you’ll use to take your practice to the next level.

The Time to Act is NOW!

What are you waiting for? It’s finally time to create your ideal practice and enjoy the lifestyle you want and deserve, and I can help you do it!

MY PROMISE TO YOU: Spend a few days with me, my team, and several other advancing dentists in Dallas in September and I’ll personally reveal to you step-by-step how to create a million dollar patient attraction plan on a shoestring budget.

Back by Popular Demand:  The Most IMPORTANT Dental Marketing & Practice Building Event Ever!


The dentists that attended our event last year literally could not believe how much I pulled back the curtain on my inner circle information and shared everything about my proprietary system … the secret tidbits, turning points, life changing moments, and big success principles. Literally every part of my Million Dollar Patient Attraction Plan was revealed for all to see, to learn from, and to implement in their practice.

The Prosper In Practice 2014 Event is different from just about every other dental meeting you’ve attended for four important reasons.

1.  It’s a mindset (I call it Gut-set) thing!

While I teach multiple marketing and growth strategies, I know from working with the most successful business owners in the world, it’s a mindset (I call it Gut-set) thing, too.  I teach you the keys that you need to have a practice that serves you and your core values best.  I will cover the key points that are keeping you STUCK and break them down so there is no stopping your growth and direction.

 3.  No cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions are here. 

You are unique and your practice should be also.  No two practices will walk out of there at the end of the weekend with the same plan.  We will take my proven strategies and apply them to framework for reference but what we build together will be custom designed for you and your practice.

2.  The Prosper In Your Practice 2014 Event is NOT A PITCH FEST!

It is high value content driven and when you wisely choose to attend Prosper In Your Practice 2014 please come prepared to not only learn but also ‘work on’ creating your idea practice.


4.  This is also not your ordinary event.

Listening to one speaker after another try to inspire you and tell you that with a simple tweak, some new software or widget, and just maybe an expensive branding program, you too can create a booming 7-figure jump working only 2 days a week in as little as 60 days with little to no extra effort on your part!

Yeah, right!  I have to admit, that would be ‘oh-so-cool’ to grow by six or seven figure  instantly and with little to no effort. But if you’re anything like me, we both know that’s not reality!


“The flow of ideas not only from Ginger, but the group, have really generated new ideas and I can’t wait to implement those ideas when I get back in the office. Ginger’s been really great, she works with anyone. She has the ability to understand individuals and understand what their individual needs are.”


Dr. Robert Karr Fort Worth, TX


Here’s Just A Sampling Of What You Will Get During The ‘Practice Transformation” During Prosper In Your Practice

  • How to eliminate the self-sabotage you’re currently encountering EVERY SINGLE DAY that keeps you from getting all the patients you need.
  • The SIX CRITICAL FACTORS you’ll add to your dental marketing to precisely target your best patients, while helping you make more money FAST.
  • How to become instantly CREDIBLE in your own practice without having to take any more continuing education.
  • The simple process that will help you finally figure out your own NICHE and expertise in you’re your local dental marketplace that will get you patients effortlessly.
  • A series of paint-by-numbers questions that will get you to find out PRECISELY where your patients hang out in large numbers, and how you can reach them inexpensively.
  • How to organize WHAT you offer so that it’s clear, concise and makes people really WANT to come to you.
  • The simple website template you can follow practically with your eyes closed to create a super Patient Attractive conversation with your IDEAL prospects (even in the middle of the night when you’re sleeping).
  • How to use EVERY single piece of your marketing real estate so that you no longer have to promote yourself constantly.
  • How to create 5 figure growth spurts on a shoestring budget.
  • The simple strategies to consistently GET YOUR OFFICE OUT THERE in a big way and get patients to then come to you.
  • How to fish where the fish are and stop fishing in the wrong pond for patients!
  • How to end the feast or famine syndrome you’re currently experiencing (sucks, doesn’t it?) and create systems so that your marketing goes on AUTO PILOT, all year round, each and every year, completely effortlessly on your part.

Congratulations!!!  Once you put these steps into place, you’re on your way to getting all the patients you need! It’s simple, especially when someone shows you EXACTLY HOW, including all the worksheets, templates, scripts and assignments.


“My experience here has been wonderful. Ginger really knows her stuff and I’ve been very impressed with what she has shown us and what she has gotten us to see for ourselves. And I’ve gotten strategies that I can take back to my office and use next week already, so I’m very grateful for that.”


Dennis Nagel, DDS Grand Rapids, MI


Click The Video On The Left For A Sneak Peek “Fly On The Way Perceptive” To Sample Last Year’s Indispensable Prosper In Your Practice

Hear From Real Dentists Share Their Success Stories, Experiences, And Insight


The 7 Principles of Prosperity

Here’s what we will cover during those 3 days:

POTENTIAL How to get clear why you’re in practice so you can figure out what potential you have to create, not only what type of business you should have, but your “big why” and exactly how you’re going to help others. You will begin the process of a ‘practice on purpose’ and not be at the mercy of the environment and economy around you.

PROSPECTS AND PATIENTS Who should you be targeting? Not every patient is your ideal patient, yet most practices frustrate themselves trying to be all things to all people. Each of us has unique skills, talents, and preferences and when we get to do those things for the people we love to treat, then we are performing at our peak. How to identify your target, niche specific audience is when magic occurs and our practices are serving our patients as well as ourselves.

POSITIONING Once you recognize your own skills, your untapped potential, and your ideal patient, then you need to figure where you need to be to attract patients who are ready able to select you for their dental services. It’s making sure you show up at the right fishing spot, with the right bait, at the right time.

PROMOTION How to pull people in as opposed to chasing them down, exactly who to market to, getting the word out authentically, and the online and offline marketing sequences that work to fill your funnels and your practice. The key is to pull prospects toward you again and again, and keep in touch consistently by automating the ‘follow-up’ process. You want to have a marketing plan to follow every day.

How to build a consistent stream of patients with integrity. The online and offline marketing sequences that work to fill your pipeline and your programs with heart. Instead of hiding in your office, waiting for patients to come to you, and worse, marketing in the wrong places, it’s imperative that you know exactly how to grow your practice and become omnipresent, and create ways to reach the masses.

PROLIFERATE How to make your marketing do more for you, use your message to speak to more than one person at a time and leverage your marketing elbow grease so you are attracting masses of people who are looking for you and your services right now, even though they didn’t even know you existed until now. Plus you can make your marketing dollar stretch.

PROCESS/PLANNING Don’t you hate riding the roller coaster of those high and low production months? Stop taking a knee jerk reaction to your marketing. “Dig your well before you’re thirsty” as Harvey McKay would say. You have system in place for your collections; how you prep a tooth…you need to have systems how your marketing occurs each and every month. We are going to give that you so you don’t have to do it alone!

PASSION/PURPOSE Not many people can create and sustain a successful business without the proper skills, planning and mindset to get them there. Growing and maintaining a successful business is 80% ‘doing the stuff’’ and 20% in the mental game of being there. The top earners concentrate and develop that 20% mindset so they are able to complete on a whole another level.

I’m going to bring you the latest, up-to-date information that NO ONE in the dental industry is teaching.

  • #1 Retaining and getting more out existing patients.

    The holy grail myth for dental practice is the only way you can create massive growth is by bringing in an influx of brand new patients.  While the normal attrition occurs with any business, the #1 mistake any dentist can make is to drop the ball on the existing patients you already have. Existing patients are 25% more likely than an new patients to say ‘yes’ to treatment.  You just have to know the scripts, strategies, and commonly missed ways of getting more your existing patients.

    The secrets to getting patients to stay with you longer and pay, as opposed to taking what they need and leaving like bandits in the night.

    There are certain steps and certain TIMES you are more successful with getting existing patients to accept more care.   You have to have the steps and strategies in place to make that happen.

  • #2 How to Get 'Unstuck' to be more profitable, pull the govern off your growth accelerate, and get more done in the next 12 months then you have in the last 12 years

    This where you take a good practice to a great one!

    No more scrambling each month to meet your goals, praying for cash flow, and feeling like you are on the never ending hamster wheel.  Right now there are 26 points that you ‘think’ you are doing right that are actually killing your business.  We are going to myth bust these points and lay out the roadmap of how to flip all these around 180 so you can zoom through the rest of 2014 and into 2015.

  • #3 Why more raving-fan patients aren’t referring to you. (Exclusive for Bonus Day 3- Massive Results Day registees)

    Guess what, doctor!  Even if your patients “think” they are recommending you to all their friends and family members, they are probably doing more harm than good by chasing away your perfect prospects.  They mean well, but they are screwing this up so badly, that if you don’t do something, your ‘best patients’ are going to ruin your practice.

    This ‘mind blower’ session will save your practice, cement your authority for years to come, and turn into a turnkey system to attract all the patients you need.  The information in this session is so counterintuitive that I’m saving it especially for Day 3- Massive Results Day after you have a firm foundation to take this advantage technique and instantly apply it to your office to make you “THE” dentist in town.


“My experience here has been absolutely amazing. Having the opportunity to come and work with Dr. Bratzel has been a life changing experience. Just to be around this group of innovative dentist and out of the box thinkers, along with the support and network, really gives me something to look forward to. The marketing strategies that I can take back to the office Is absolutely worth it. Working with Ginger has been amazing because she is an innovative out of the box thinker. This experience has been empowering and makes me want to get back to the office right away and implement.”


    Kristina Johnson (Team Member) Keller, TX

“This has been a tremendous event. For one thing, Ginger gives you the best marketing strategies. She’s worked with and studied with some of the very, very best and she helps dentists focus on the clarity of who they need to be marketing to. The who, the what, and the why. Ginger really helps you get it done and shows you how you can have it done through other people, how to delegate so that you, the dentist, don’t have to go out and do it yourself. That’s the problem we have as dentists, we try to do too much. Ginger’s got the best event, if you want to blow your practice up in a tough economy, this is the place you want to be.”


    David Phelps, DDS Dallas, TX


Event:  Prosper In Your Practice

Location:  Dallas-TX (USA)

Dates:   Friday September 26th – Sunday September 28th (Bonus Day is Sunday)

Arrival:    Arrive the afternoon of Thursday September 27th

Departure:  The bonus day workshop will end no later than by 4:00 pm on Sunday

Start:   We will being at 8:30 am each day

Evening Session:  We will be in session Friday and Saturday evening – so please don’t make plans

Hotel:   You will receive all hotel details at time of registration.  We’ve arranged a big hotel discount for room rates of $$ up until Sept. 15 at this DFW airport.  Airport shuttle available

Nearest Airport:   Dallas For Worth (DFW)

Have you ever left like the options out there from the so called ’other gurus’ leave you feeling like it’s all too flashy and slick for you and your practice? Or that they are telling you you need to become the ‘dental factory’ with a churn and burn mentality of a cold corporation while sacrificing patient quality care?

If you are a dentist that wanted to build a ‘real’ high functioning bread and butter practice that:

  • grows even during a down economy
  • is profitable
  • is enjoyable to be at and doesn’t take over your private life or sacrifices your health

….then I strongly encourage you to reserve your seat immediately before you’re locked out.


“My experience with Ginger has been incredible. I’m a new dentist, I’ve only been out a few years and…no marketing experience, to say. Strategies – I had none. As far as realizing I need to focus on someone, she’s been incredible. We’ve narrowed it down, made a focus group, and I know exactly what I need to do when I get home. We’ve had a great time and I really appreciate all she’s done for our practice.”


    Allyson Dodds DDS Carl Junction, MO

“My experience here has been excellent. You really don’t know what you don’t know. But since I’ve been at this program, it’s been an eye opener to what I need to do and how I need to do it, to be effective. It blew me out of the water and exceeded my expectations.”


    Dr. Tayo Ogunsola Frisco, TX

“My Personal ‘Make-You-Happy
All-The-Risk-Is-On-Me’ Guarantee”:

Attend my workshop event at no risk! It’s got to be the best event you’ve ever attended to authentically attract more patients to grow your practice —or I’ll pay you your money back!

Go ahead, register and attend Prosper In Your Practice at NO RISK whatsoever. If for any reason, by the end of the 1st day, you honestly feel I did not deliver on the information promised, just quietly turn in your materials to my team, and ask for a full 100% refund. We’ll happily oblige.

It’s got to be the best, step-by-step system you’ve ever seen for moving your practice forward…or I’ll pay you your money back.

I’m 100% confident that Prosper In Your Practice will be the most targeted, most complete, most fun, and most useful course you’ve ever attended.

You see, I’m THAT confident that nothing out there comes CLOSE to teaching these breakthroughs and the amazing, step-by-step information you’re going to discover.

In fact, if you do feel I’ve wasted your time, I’ll give you your money back and swiftly issue a refund to your credit card.

(Yes, really!) That’s my promise.

#1 Request For More Of From Last Year’s Attendees:
Mastermind Your Way to Higher Profits

The number one feedback thing we heard over and over from last year’s event was the power of the mastermind.  If you like brainstorming ideas with other advancing dentists then I strongly encourage you to also attend the optional MASSIVE RESULTS DAY on the third day in person.  Whether you have a profit seat or simply witness the action as others get their practices analyzed – you’ll walk away completely energized, excited, and with a pad full of actionable notes!


“I’ve been practicing in Cedar Rapids, IA for about 33 years and have been a Mastermind Client of Ginger’s now for one full year. We find the experience here at this meeting is just awesome. It’s really full of content, stuff we can take right back to our office and implement right off the bat. Since we’ve been working with Ginger for this past year, we’re also getting re-introduced to things that maybe we’ve heard of awhile back, but maybe didn’t either understand or have time to implement yet. But second and third times through now, it’s really helping us out quite a bit to understand better strategies for marketing and really help to grow our practice. We’ve really expanded our knowledge of marketing, what to do, when to do it, and who – that’s the biggest thing, is the ‘who’.”

Dr. Dennis Yossi & Jennifer Lemon Cedar Rapids, IA

“This weekend’s been really great. I’ve gotten some real strategies that we can talk about. We’ve got some real ideas that we can take back and really start working with. Working Dr. Ginger has been wonderful, she just knows what we need. And she’s taught us how to niche market and who to market to. The ‘who’ and the ‘how’.”


Nancy Bilbruck & Renda Riley (Team Members) Compton Dental – Munster, IN

What The Benefits Of Waiting?

If you are not currently enjoying the kind of fast growth and high profitability in your dental that you want and deserve, then you need to take action now and reserve your seat for Prosper In Your Practice 2014 before this event sells out.


So What’s Holding You Back?

If you read the letter this far, I know you’re interested and you more than likely know who I am and how I ‘roll’. You know that I have an outstanding reputation for delivering high value, proven strategies for my clients and clients and I am ready to WOW and over deliver on a great experience at Prosper In Your Practice that you will continue to give you results for years to come!

When you attend my Prosper In Your Practice 2014, I will educate, inform, inspire and motivate you to finally forget the “shiny object” fad diet fix, there are no silver ‘get rich quick’ gimmicks here.


Fast Action Bonuses

Receive Up To 4 Amazing Money Making Bonuses If You Act Rapidly.

The First 10: Video Marketing For Dentists and Dental Marketing Cosmetics


In Addition to the “Mindset Program” – will also receive your own digital copy of the very rare “Video Marketing – Turing You and Your Practice Into Instant Authorities” program for dentists. PLUS “Dental Marketing Cosmetics – Transforming Your Good Marketing To Great”

The First 15: Mindset of Successful Dental Practice Program
To register you will receive the never-before-released digital copy The “Mindset of Dental Practice Success” program delivered straight to their computer. This is the inner workings of creating substantial massive action in your dental practice.

First 5: Private, Laser-Focused Coaching Call with Dr. Ginger


BUT if you are one of the lucky First 5 to register – You will receive – In addition to the “Mindset”, “Video Marketing” and “Dental Cosmetic” programs – You will also receive a personalized, custom, ONE-ON-ONE laser focused call with me, Dr. Ginger. To help you plan your next 12 months of success.

Join Me For This Transformational Event By Registering Now


  • Access To Main Event
  • “Get More Out Of Existing Patients” Program
  • “Prosper In Your Practice” Manual
  • Friday Night Networking Event


  • “Getting More Patients To Refer” Program
  • Marketing Makeover Session- Saturday Night
  • Profit Seat Experience
  • Mastermind Session
  • Early Access To Meeting Room Each Day
  • Customized Marketing Plan Exercise

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    2 Day Ticket

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